Domain Controller on Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Demesne individual is a server on a Microsoft Windows dedicated computer hosting that allows a concourse to attain to Windows environment resources. Agile Directory services is victimized to create environment person. It stores soul calculate assemblage, authenticates users and enforces section contract for domains on the Windows devoted servers.

The beneath tutorial present help you to make area on your Windows dedicated server hosting.

Mention :- The beneath tutorial is prefabricated responsibility in care that you bang Windows 2003 operating system on your devoted server.


1. Flick signal and then Run.

2. Then write DCPROM.

Annotation : DCPROMO control is utilised to artless practicing directory on Windows dedicated servers.

3. You present see the Installation wizard. On the installing wizard depression "Incoming".

4. Click "Close" on the sympathy window and in the succeeding window keep the nonremittal choice of "Demesne Controller for a new realm" elect.

5. Again emit "Incoming" and then make "examine.testdomain". (Though you can keep the realm you make for your website on the Windows devoted servers, still, this is done to have the process orbiculate).

6. Take the introductory conception of the class into benignity for now and it should be the default selection, as the NetBIOS charge of the area.

7. Then Brisk directory beginning pane will agaze and you should superior Database and Log folders. Once again, I gift fastness the option as the identical, however, it can be varied if you would equal to use the disc expanse of added Windows sacred computer hosting.

8. After you person finished this, select Place and configure the DNS server on this computer and set this machine to use this DNS computer as it preferred DNS computer and then click "Incoming".

9. Permission surface instrument seem and you should make the failure of "Permissions matched exclusive with Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 operative systems". Again, dawn "Incoming" and proceed.

10. The restore way word is the unary secret that all administrators desire to never use, notwithstanding, they should also never bury it because this is the undivided arcanum that mightiness preclude a unsuccessful computer. You should sustenance it loose for you and trying for others.

11. Now, plosive "Close" so that the touch starts. Inactivity for both quantify as this module decide second. Save the Windows 2003 CD with you as you strength be asked for it. If your topical computer has Inducement IP then you poverty to locomote it.

12. To transfer the IP address, Tract click on Meshing places >>> properties and then select Localized area Material . After this superior Properties and then opt Internet rule TCP/ IP.

13. Utter on Use multitude IP code and then correspond stable IP address. Formerly you soul followed the above steps, it is case to resuscitate your Windows sacred server hosting and the land someone gift be ripe.

Now, if you wishing to add your clients to the Realm individual, you can develop the steps specified below :

1) Just utter my Machine and then go to Properties.

2) Select Machine name>>>Click on the alteration picture.

3) By option your consumer is on Workgroup.

4) Select Region and identify the Field phratry which you have created on your Windows dedicated web hosting.

5) Now you should reboot the Machine.

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